As a result of global events and the increasing diversity of American schools, the need for teacher access to high quality religious literacy training has never been greater. The National Council for Social Studies states that "knowledge about religion is not only a characteristic of an educated person, but necessary for effective and engaged citizenship in a diverse nation and world." Charles Haynes, director of the Religious Freedom Center in Washington, rightly asserts that "millions of parents from diverse religious backgrounds entrust the education of their children to the teachers in our nation's public school" and that "teachers need to be fully informed about the constitutional and educational principles for understanding the role of religion in public education." Despite calls to enhance religious literacy and cultural responsiveness in America's schools, few initiatives fill this crucial gap and virtually no efforts have been led by teachers themselves. This course will provide educators with high quality and specific training in the areas of religious literacy and cultural responsiveness in the public school classroom. In addition, this course will provide lectures from professional academics, community-based faith leaders, and site visits to local houses of worship thus serving the important purpose of integrating diverse local populations with education professionals.